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Our proven design team has provided a strategic role in the successful design and market introduction of many brand name products you encounter daily. Categories include Football Helmets, Equestrian Vests, Equestrian Helmets, Baseball/Softball Headgear, Body Protectors, Bicycle Helmets, Knee Braces, Mouth Protectors, Lacrosse Helmets, Fire Fighting Gear, Hockey Equipment, Catcher's Helmets, Face Protectors, and a variety of other personal protective products. Much of our work has resulted in proprietary or patentable product features.


Our multi-faceted team has proven experience in such diverse areas as materials selection, injection molding, thermoforming, compression molding, roto molding, vacuum forming, tool design, CAD/CAM systems, sewing techniques, paints, dips, and coatings. This unique blend of experience results in streamlining the design, development and manufacturing time-line.

Below are some of the products clients have asked us to help them with.


Baseball Batter's





Baseball Catcher's



Child's Bicycle

Equestrian Vest

Baseball Catcher's

Anthropometric Headform

Child's Fielder's Mask

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