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Louise Ellenburg

Louise is the Laboratory Test Technician for Southern Impact Research Center (SIRC). Since joining SIRC she has mastered the skills necessary to perform the testing of sports related end products in a manner that is consistent with a mechanical test facility that adheres to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory practices. Her experience and attention to detail makes her invaluable to assuring our adherence to quality systems requirements of ISO 9001:1994.

Louise is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee and a big fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteers. She began her working career as a working mom in 1974 with Southern Athletic, which later became the Bike Athletic Company. In 1976, as Quality Control Analyst her responsibilities included quality control of all textile related incoming raw materials and purchased product, as well as, all textile products produced at the Knoxville facility. In 1979, she became responsible for quality control of all protective equipment as well as textile products made for or by Bike Athletic Company. In 1986, Louise became the Corporate Quality Control Manager for Bike Athletic Company. She was responsible for putting many incoming raw material and final audit quality control programs in place that are still used to this day by various sporting goods manufacturers. In 1987, Bike Athletic sold their helmet manufacturing division to Athletic Helmets Incorporated. Louise was offered and accepted the position of Corporate Quality Control Manager with the new manufacturer of football and baseball helmets and accessories.

In 1995, Athletic Helmets Incorporated relocated their manufacturing to Illinois. Louise assisted the company in the relocation but opted to not move from Knoxville. In 1996, Bike Athletic Company welcomed Louise back on their team as a quality control analyst where she began her quality control experience some 20 years earlier. In 1999, Bike Athletic introduced a new Football helmet that was manufactured for Bike Athletic by a helmet company based in Lexington, Kentucky. Louise was immediately appointed as the Corporate Liaison between Bike Athletic and the manufacturer. In 2002, Bike Athletic football helmet operations ceased and Louise came to work with Southern Impact Research Center (SIRC), rejoining the team of players she was a part of in 1985.

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