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Scott Halstead

Scott is the Administrative Director for Southern Impact Research Center (SIRC). Scott's experience in the areas of sports, biological sciences and management brings another area of expertise to the Southern Impact Research Center's team. He is familiar with all of the activities necessary to administrate a mechanical test facility. He provides interpersonal skills in interacting with and attracting new clients as well as managing the daily operations in maintaining our accredited mechanical test facility. He knows the test protocols and is instrumental in assuring our commitment to employ qualified and properly trained personnel who use scientifically sound methods in the performance of this testing. Since joining SIRC he has developed several protective equipment design improvements and has two patents pending. Pending are patents for an improved shoulder pad and an aid for hunters.

Scott Halstead was born and raised in a small dairy farming community in Columbia County, New York. He was active in team and individual sports through high school primarily Football and Track and Field. He self-funded his entire college education by working in the family restaurant business. He began his college education at the State University of New York (SUNY) Columbia Greene community campus from 1981-83 receiving an Associate degree in biology. He then attended SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University campus from 1983-1985 receiving a Bachelors degree in aquatic ecology/biology with a minor in Education. He also became certified as an open water diver. From 1985-86 logged numerous deep water and ice dives. He began a postgraduate studies program at SUNY New Paltz and Smith College in 1985, focusing on administrative education and business management.

Scott began his professional working career with the New York State Department of Soil and Water Conservation in 1986 as a Senior Field Technician with primary responsibilities including commercial pesticide/aquacide application, management and cleanup. He moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, to take over corporate responsibilities of environmental safety and health at Bike Athletic Company in 1987. He continued his postgraduate education at the University of Tennessee from 1987-1990 with studies in personnel and human resources administration. While at Bike Athletic, he became involved in research and development. The primary focus was product improvement. This included application and experimentation of various anti-microbial products that were later used in athletic supporters and underwear. He was also involved in research and development focused on padding developed to improve body padding primarily in football shoulder pads, elbow and knee padding and athletic cup fit and function. He held many positions with increased responsibilities in R&D and engineering for eight years before becoming the Corporate Director of Human Resources with Bike Athletic in 1996. Scott held that position until becoming a partner at Southern Impact Research Center in 2001.

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